Monday, May 1, 2017

We Eat Social Media for Breakfast

The author uses a lot of ways to get his main argument across. He uses a variety of literary devices as well. He starts off by going off the subject a little and starts speaking about what you need. Then the author switches back to the point and says the reason he did this is because he misses someone. Once the author says this it gets the reader thinking who this person might be. At the same time the author's style of writing is unformal. It is unformal because he uses a lot of short sentences, but at the same time he uses a lot of run-on sentences.

The author starts by going off his main argument to start talking about something else. He starts to talk about what tools you need to do this etc. Then the author starts to talk about how he did not understand the internet, but as time went by he would get the hang of it. Then the author starts to get back to his main argument a little bit by talking about how technology has come a long way. He also talks about how people use technology and pictures to communicate with people.

After the author gets off his main argument he starts to talk about it again. He states the reason he took a picture of his breakfast is because he misses someone. Once the author says this it gets the reader think who the someone might be. Is it someone like someone he likes or someone in his family that he really cares about and misses them. As the author continues to write we come to find out that the special someone is his daughter.

The style of writing that the author uses in his essay is unformal. It is unformal because he uses short sentences, but at the same time he uses a lot of run-on sentences. The author does this to get the readers attention and to get straight to his points. The author also writes in a style so he connects with the reader showing he is also human. He connects with the reader by doing this and also by doing this he makes his essay much easier to understand.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Uniforms Good or Bad??

Some people argue that school uniforms are good for students, while other people argue that school uniforms are bad for students. In my opinion, uniforms are good for students for a variety of reasons. For example, school uniforms are good for students because it keeps students focused on their education not their clothes. Although some may argue that school uniforms are bed because it restricts the students freedom of expression. There can be a solution or compromise to this issue that has been going around for years.

Some people argue that school uniforms are good for students because it keeps students focused in their education and not on their clothes. Most times girls and boys mostly girls are worried about what they are going to wear to school. Once in school they will keep on fixing their outfit instead of paying attention and trying to learn. Another reason people argue student uniforms are better is that student uniforms may deter crime and increase student safety. A lot of times students get confused as gang members and end up getting hurt because of this. Uniforms is an easy way to solve this problem.

Others may argue that Uniforms are bad because they don't let the students express their freedom. A lot of students show who thy are and their personality by the clothes they wear. For example, people who are into sports tend to wear sporty clothing and so on and so forth. People also argue that school uniforms does not stop bullying and does not stop violent attacks. This may be true in some cases some kids get bullied not by the clothes that they wear, but by how they look or act. Uniforms may also not stop violent attacks on students either because people have many motives to hurt someone else.

There can be a compromise or solution to this issue that people have been arguing about. Why not let the students decide what they want to wear. For example if a student wants to wear uniform let them wear uniform and if a student wants to wear normal clothing let them wear normal clothing. Another solution can be having the teachers, students and parents vote which they prefer. Which ever gets the most amount of votes wins and that is what the students will be wearing.

Overall, there are many reasons why uniforms are good and bad for students. Some say they are good for students because it lets students focus on their education. While, others argue that uniforms are bad because it does not let the students express themselves. All in all i feel like students should wear what they want to wear. It is up to them to decide if they want to focus in school or in their clothing.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Do you ever just start reading a book and find out how good it is and want to finish it in one day? Fahrenheit 451 is one of those books that you pick up and you have to finish reading in one day. This book is about a character named Montag who goes through a journey between right or wrong. Ray Bradbury takes us on a journey on how Montag feels and what he is going through. Montag goes through a lot during the book, he is a very dynamic character. He becomes self reliant during the story, i feel like Emerson would be proud.

In the beginning of the book Bradbury would describe Montag and bold and scary. He would be bold and scary because he is a firefighter. Everyone would be afraid of the firefighters, except for some seventeen year old girl named Clarise. She was no afraid of Montag, and she would talk with Montag like no other person would. Montag was surprised when she started talking to him. He was shocked to the fact that no one would talk to him because he was a firefighter. He likd the girl because he would be able to talk to her, she made him realize a lot of things.

After Montag met Clarise he started to think to himself a little more than he use to. Especially when Montag's wife overdosed Bradbury made Montag thing about his life. Ray Bradbury uses a lot of figurative language to show what Montag is feeling. Montag starts to get inner thoughts. He starts tot think about the firefighters and beatty and think it is wrong to burn books.

In the middle of the book and towards the end of the book Montag changes. Montag starts to think for himself and does things he thinks is right and not things he is told to do.For example he starts to save books when he has to destroy them. This is showing that he is more self-reliant and is changing as a character. In the beginning book Montag would do what he was told to do and he would not think twice about doing it. In the beginning of the book Montag would be in love with his wife no matter how little cared for him and bad she would treat him. Towards the end of the book Montag realized he would not miss her and can live on without her.

Overall, Montag was a dynamic character throughout the story. Ray Bradbury made Montag change a lot on how he described him and how he made him think. In the beginning of the book Montag would not really think much to himself and would just live life by going through the motions. As events occurred and passed Bradbury made Montags inner thoughts change. He made Montag see things differently. Montag became more self-reliant throughout the book especially at the end.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Great Gatsby Remix #2

As a remix i thought it would be fun to remix the characters. What if Nick was rich and hid Gatsby's money. Would Nick still behave the same or would his role as a character change. Would he still have the same personality or would it change and be more like Tom's personality. Would Nick throw big parties like Gatsby or would he just keep his money to himself. There are endless possibilities on how Nick could be if he was rich.

Friday, January 27, 2017


To start off I had a hard time finding out what i could remix. Then I started talking to my classmates on what i could remix and they gave me plenty of ideas. So decided to remix a character from the story. I decided to remix Nick the narrator from the book because I thought it would be a fun character to do. So, I thought what if Nick wasn't the type of person that you could open up to and instead was mean and disrespectful. Would this change what happens in the book?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HELLO 2017

I have grown in many ways from January 2016 , to January 2017. For example i have become more mature and responsible. I have learned how to help other people with problems they have. Overall, I have learned how to become a better person and be more appreciative.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Immigrants in our own Land

In class today i went over the poem again for a better understanding. After i got a better understanding of the poem by Jimmy Santiago, I read Jessica's post. I agree with Jessica's post for the most part.
Tone- The tone of the poem in the beginning is very happy and achievable. The tone at the end of the poem though was sad and depressing.
Theme- Dreams don't always come true